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Why Do I have to Wait???

Standing in line waiting to get to the bank teller, Waiting in a long line at the grocery store to check out, Waiting on that deal to come through, Waiting for Mr or Mrs Right to arrive, Waiting for the doctor at the doctor’s office, Waiting on the phone to speak to someone in Customer Service, Waiting for a bank loan to come through, Waiting for the day when you will be happy, Waiting to get through immigration and customs when you are traveling, Waiting for the right job, Waiting for the moment when you will be rich or have enough disposable income, Waiting in traffic, Waiting for your next meeting to show up, Waiting for someone important to respond to you…WAITING WAITING WAITING

It seems as though a large part of our lives are spent waiting…waiting for something that we want NOW. We have reached the point where everything in life is instant and through technology so many things can come to us instantly; our messages, our shopping through the internet, our banking online and so on. We don’t want to “wait” for anything anymore and don’t feel the need too and when we must wait, this only leaves us frustrated, angry and impatient.

Patience is truly a virtue. There are so many things that we cannot control and being patient for the things we want and need truly makes our lives easier and happier. We all know how frustrating it is to wait, but this is a part of life that we cannot run from nor control.  So instead of getting angry when you are in a long line up, exercise patience which will only strengthen you and make you grow.  When you are waiting for that great deal or job to come through, exercise patience and know that things are being lined up in your favour from a higher power. When you are waiting to become rich, exercise patience and teach yourself how to have a better relationship with money. When you are waiting in traffic, exercise patience by recognizing that there is a reason you should not arrive at your destination quickly so use the time to reflect on your day or the love of your family. When you are waiting for your next meeting to arrive and they are late, exercise patience and use the time to catch up on work. When you are waiting for that great relationship, exercise patience and work on yourself until that great love comes along. When you are waiting for someone to respond to you or answer your call, exercise patience and know that maybe it is not the right time for you to speak with them.

Life is about learning…waiting is an amazing learning opportunity to be patient which inevitably makes us stronger.  Instead of being frustrated while waiting, thank the powers above and recognize that this time is given to you as a gift to strengthen you and make you a better person.

The Art of Patience is a learned skill and ultimately a gift that we should treasure!

Written by Lisa Charles

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