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Who has the biggest issue?

The days, months and years are passing by so fast.  It seems as though time has sped up. Before you know it a year has passed. Everything is moving more quickly and we have to keep up.  It’s no wonder that we have more issues in life than 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago. We are working harder, longer hours, juggling more in our lives to keep up.  We cannot slow down let alone stop.  This in itself creates a tremendous amount of pressure on us and the end result is 101 issues.

The more I look around I am somewhat bombarded by troubles; people’s issues.  Each person  I encounter is dealing with their own devastating issue that seems to be their own personal “hell on earth”. When I look at people’s issues/problems, I often wonder who has the biggest issue? In my mind my issues are huge, but to others they seem insignificant and non-existent compared to theirs.  Each person seems to be competing for the top spot at whose problems are the worst.

Today I was reminded that the magnitude of someone’s issues are all relative. After asking a friend if he was happy as I didn’t consider him to be happy based on where I thought he wanted to be in his life, he responded that happiness is relative.  He went on to say he had lunch with a homeless man a few years ago and considers himself quite lucky despite the fact that he wasn’t where he wanted to be in life. The homeless man had far bigger issues than my friend had to worry about.  So from his perspective his happiness was relative.

We “all” have issues, problems, challenges each day.  From the moment we wake up we are faced with challenges that can either ruin us or make us stronger.  The moral of this blog is… What many of us think is such a huge insurmountable issue really isn’t when you put things in perspective like the homeless man who has no where to sleep. Things could always be worse.  Be thankful for your blessings including the “issues” as they are thrown in your path to teach you something.  Learn the lesson and be grateful!

written by Lisa Charles

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