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What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail

Here’s hoping the Christmas season has been good to you and you accomplished all the goals you set out to achieve in the beginning of this year. As I reflect on 2011, I find myself thinking of the quote:

“What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” Quotes are amazing one liners that instil confidence, motivate, inspire and generally make one think.

This particular quote got me thinking of so many possibilities.  There is so much in life to enjoy and take advantage of. What would you do? Would you take a risk in love, would you change jobs or careers, would you go back to school to study? Would you lose weight? Would you finally pursue your life-long passion? Would you build your dream house? Would you invest your money in a business or stock? Would you be a better parent/friend/spouse/lover?  So many possibilities…What would you do?

Unfortunately life does not come with guarantees that things will not fail.  Sometimes failure is a great teacher and is just what is required for us to grow.  Don’t fear it! Fear of failure keeps many of us in the same space and prevents us from moving ahead spiritually, mentally and physically. To minimize the fear of failure we need to develop more trust in ourselves and our ability to handle whatever comes our way. We have such a short time on earth, and no one knows when their time will be up.  We need to seize every opportunity life puts in front of us and in some instances create those opportunities for ourselves.  Sometimes taking a risk and jumping without a parachute is exactly what we need to thrust us forward to the next level.

Believe and trust in yourself.

We all have the power to create what we want in life.  A very smart individual once told me to carve out the life I want.  I live by that today; set goals and work toward them.

In January 2012 Milestone Development will expand and a subsidiary company called Milestone Life Events creating an even better business to do what we do best…Helping you to develop the potential within, reaching more people and touching more lives.

I wish you the very best for 2012 and hope that you will all pursue your dreams, find happiness within yourselves and be the best you can be!

written by Lisa Charles

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