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Optimal Wellness in Paradise

Optimal Wellness in Paradise will touch on all aspects of your life.  This is the biggest investment you will make in YOU, your BUSINESS, your FAMILY.

YOU: Are you looking for ways to eat healthier, lose weight, reduce stress, reduce illness and disease, live happier, and generally live a healthier lifestyle…Being Well and taking care of YOU means you are able to take care of all life’s challenges with ease.

YOUR BUSINESS: Are you a Business Owner seeking to increase your bottom line, rejuvenate stressed, unmotivated employees? Are you a small to midsized company or corporation that wants to provide benefits to your employees that will have a positive impact on all levels of your company?

Tired, sick, stressed employees are unable to work to their full potential, which means they are not capable of giving you their best job performance consistently. High absenteeism, low morale, high turnover and underachievement are costing your company plenty. Many companies are not achieving their highest potential because their employees are not presently capable of giving their all. Hence, they are not contributing positively to the bottom line.

Optimal wellness in Paradise gives you the tools to help your employees, your greatest ASSET, discover their true potential. Your employees will reap the benefits of increased energy and vitality, enhanced co-worker, colleague and client communication, and a new outlook on themselves and one another that will help them to soar rather than just survive the workplace.

Healthy Companies Begin with Healthy Employees! We will lead Your Employees to the right path of Wellness…and as a result of your employees living an optimal healthier lifestyle, you will now position yourself as the company that hires the best, keeps them, and receives the best out of their staff; The company with the reputation that people want to work for, a LEADER in your industry.

YOUR FAMILY:  Are you looking for more productivity with your children, better eating habits, better food choices for your family, more brain power for yourself, spouse and children, an overall healthier lifestyle for the entire family?  Healthy children mean fewer trips to the doctor’s office, more productivity at school, less anxiety and stress, coping with relationship/marital challenges with ease and more.  Being healthy mind body and spirit gives one the energy and foundation to create a happy family life.

Dr. Brewer delivers practical information in a down to earth style which inspires and motivates his audience to reach for a healthier lifestyle.  This seminar is designed with you in mind.  You will learn how to build healthy lifestyle and practices and understand the valuable and benefits.

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It is indeed always a pleasure working with Lisa and the Milestone Development Team. The professionalism and reliability of her team, is unsurpassed. Definitely looking forward to the continuation of a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Would highly recommend Lisa and support her in whatever capacity and new venture she takes on! Keep up the great work!
Lianna Venturi

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