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What does Milestone Life Events offer?

Events to fit your life

Milestone Life Events has many experts in various fields to satisfy those dedicated to improving themselves and helping those around them.

Corporate Events

Give us the focus area you would like to advance in, concept and target budget and Milestone Life Events will produce your corporate event from inception to execution. Our team of professionals are trained to make your event run smoothly and ensure your attendees enjoy the function. We have a proven track record of planning successful events.

Custom Seminars

Customized seminars and conferences for particular Associations and Groups are popular and time consuming. Milestone Life Events is poised to produce the seminar from inception to completion, leaving the client available to continue their daily work life without the added responsibility of producing a large event. Our team will create the theme, book the location, hire speakers and or entertainers and ensure the professional execution of the event to the end.

Destination Events

Sourcing the ideal location for your next event is key to its success. Milestone Life Events will manage this process for our clients. Our team will carry out site inspections, and book events in exotic destinations for your next seminar or conference.

Personal Development Seminars

Our personal development seminars offer the individual an opportunity to enhance their life in some form either, spiritually or personally. Many of our seminars cover a range of topics that touch on all aspects of life. Our approach to personal development enables clients to achieve happiness and success.

Health & Wellness Retreats

Health & Wellness are popular retreats that are booked all over the world. Milestone Life Events produces retreats from the inception to execution. Our team will research locations, hire instructors and speakers, and manage the entire production from the onset to completion.

Women’s Empowerment Symposiums

This symposium is a powerful day for women, providing a boost of encouragement, motivation and inspiration. This forum provides networking opportunities with like minded individuals many of whom are business women. The symposium features a variety of speakers that address many popular topics affecting our women such as: Women in business, Having it all; career and family, raising children, marriage, divorce, single parenting, finances, investing, illness and midlife and so much more. This conference focuses on the needs and concerns of women and provides strategies for transforming lives. This symposium is one of our events that bring about life altering experiences.

The Caribbean Governance Training Institute

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It is indeed always a pleasure working with Lisa and the Milestone Development Team. The professionalism and reliability of her team, is unsurpassed. Definitely looking forward to the continuation of a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Would highly recommend Lisa and support her in whatever capacity and new venture she takes on! Keep up the great work!
Lianna Venturi

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