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Is Your Attitude Showing? “ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS!”

Positive Attitudes Begin with YOU!

Seminar Date: Tuesday March 8, 2011

Venue: Royal by Rex Resorts, St. Lucia

Presenter: Donn Carr

The 4-hour session focused on how each manager’s personal attitudes, either positively or negatively, impact the attitudes of co-workers; leadership skills; staying motivated in a negative world; secrets to a happy and productive life; how each employee contributes to their company’s success, and developing and nurturing a positive environment.

As a workplace consultant, Mr. Carr said, “The fact is, however positive (or negative) we are, we need a reminder every now and then about how much better life is when we are positive. A good mental outlook in the workplace is contagious. One by one it can spread throughout the office or shop…soon everyone is happy and the big plus, business is picking up!”

The Caribbean Governance Training Institute

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It is indeed always a pleasure working with Lisa and the Milestone Development Team. The professionalism and reliability of her team, is unsurpassed. Definitely looking forward to the continuation of a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Would highly recommend Lisa and support her in whatever capacity and new venture she takes on! Keep up the great work!
Lianna Venturi

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