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St. Lucia’s Inaugural Health & Wellness Retreat

The Soufriere Regional Development Foundation in St. Lucia, in collaboration with the St. Lucia Tourist Board and other tourism partners, including Soufriere hoteliers, will host the inaugural Health and Wellness Retreat in Soufriere from Thursday November 17 – Sunday November 20, 2011.

The four-day event will bring together several leading experts in Yoga, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to offer a comprehensive wellbeing package.  Stress reduction and management, spiritual equilibrium, optimum wellness and organic local cuisine are important in approaching today’s busy lifestyles.  The retreat offers participants the tools required to cultivate a more balanced lifestyle, and inspire those who have already awakened to the benefits of holistic living. People who live balanced lifestyles are more productive in their work environment, family life and more positive in their overall approach to life’s stresses.

One of the leading yoga gurus in the United States, Mr. John Schumacher will participate in the Holistic Retreat.  He is the third most senior Iyengar teacher in the US.  John has a large following in Russia, South Africa, Ireland and the USA.  Also Included in our impressive lineup of participants is William Spear who is an internationally recognized educator / consultant on feng shui and Dr. Stephen Brewer, a medical director at Canyon Ranch Health Resorts in Tucson Arizona and the coauthor of the book, The Everest Principle – How to Achieve the Summit of Your Life.

We at Milestone Development are happy to be a part of this event and are privileged to be producing such a large scale event for St. Lucia.

Visit the website: for more information.

written by Lisa Charles

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