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“Management Consultant” Dr. Arnold Mol

Dr. Arnold Mol matriculated at Kimberley Boys High and attended the universities of the Orange Free State, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria. He taught for 16 years at the University of South Africa where he held the position of professor in Business Management and is currently in private practice as a management consultant. He has written several books on the topic of Motivation, Parenting and Marriage, and frequently addresses corporate leaders, managers, teachers, parents and couples on these subjects.

Dr. Mol and his wife, Joy, regularly present Family Life seminars throughout South Africa. They live in Pretoria and have three married children and seven grandchildren. They are actively involved in their church and frequently conduct Bible studies for church groups.

Dr. Mol is perhaps best known for his work on the motivation of people in their work environment. Since 1978 he has conducted more than 900 training courses for managers in commerce, industry, and agriculture in every part of South Africa, as well as in America, Europe, Asia and other African countries. The successes in this field have been the topic of several television programmes as well as numerous magazine articles.

Milestone Development is the exclusive agent for Dr. Mol for the Caribbean and North America.

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Seminar Presentations

  • Management / Leadership: Creating Winners in the Workplace (Most popular seminar to-date)
  • Conflict: Winning the Conflict
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Parenting: Parents and Teenagers can survive


  • Management
  • Marriage relationships
  • Parenting
  • Personal Growth


  • Becoming What You Are (his latest book)
  • Creating Winners in the Workplace
  • Let’s Both Win
  • Parenting that Works
  • Creating Win-Win Relationships (available only in English)



This seminar was very informative and interactive. It allowed me additional knowledge in various aspects of management, problem solving, reasoning and even assistance with parenting, relationships and marriage.
I was sent to this seminar by the management of my organization. I did not have any idea what to expect. All I can say is that I am so happy I was given this opportunity. I have been for three years indicating on my performance appraisal the need for training in motivating the staff in my department. Now I feel armed with the tools to take on this task and confident that I will do a good job. But first I will start with me, in the belief that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
This seminar was an eye opener. The new perspective from which the concepts of management and leadership were viewed was absolutely refreshing. I recommend this seminar to all leaders, managers, parents and spouses. The ideas present a challenge but I think they are worth the investment. Excellent Job Arnold!
A very inspiring seminar. The presenter was well prepared in his presentation. From all indication participants were fully encouraged and receptive to his teachings. The objectives of the course were clear and the materials were easily understood. The workshop was relevant to my organization and it motivated me to increase my effectiveness in my job ultimately experiencing success and I am inspired to pass it on. "I am a winner"
To be honest, it was good, I mean really really good. The facilitator, so resourceful, so fantastic, so dynamic, so motivating, extremely charismatic in his delivery. Think I'm lost on words - No Joke. I learned so much and I am willing to help my department succeed. I have to wish Milestone Development all the best as they continue to shape up the work environment through individuals throughout the world
It was an honour to sit under such a well versed instructor. I think Dr. Arnold Mol can turn the world upside down with his way of conducting a seminar. He has certainly made a winner out of me. Has changed my style of management. This will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will also take the instructions into my work place and make winners out of my co-workers. Thank you again for such a wealth of knowledge
I was really enlightened through this program. I am hoping to share and use this information to better my department. I wish that all supervisors would have the opportunity to attend at some point. Interesting program. This has changed my mind set and will definitely improve my work.
Dr. Arnold Mol was very inspiring with powerful insight into management and managing and motivating people.
It was a well informative seminar with very powerful knowledge that I believe all managers should be a part of. I highly recommend it. A+++
An excellent presentation. Eye opening. All that was learned will be implemented. Dr. Mol made everything come alive with his illustrations.
This gave me a new and refreshing approach to my management style
I wasn't sure what to expect when entering Dr. Mol's seminar but I must say that the past 2 days were very interesting and informing. I left on the last day with a better understanding of what is expected for both managers and employees. Thank you Dr. Mol and Milestone Development.
I am amazed by the knowledge of Professor Arnold Mol. He possesses the communication skills and ability to inspire others to believe in what he teaches. He opened doors to a whole new light on managing people in the workplace. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for training in management or even relationship and marriage help.
I think this is the best seminar that I have attended. The information provided is truly useful and I will endeavour to use it to better my organization.
Dr. Arnold Mol was exceptional. The content and structure of the workshop was excellent and well organized. You cannot attend this seminar and not change not only your way of thinking but your approach to the management of your subordinates. You will have an amazing experience learning how you create winners in your organization and the pivotal role you play as the manager of those winners.
A lot of the information I have already read in books. What Dr. Mol did for me is show me how I can implement these strategies to effectively manage and motivate my team to unleash their hidden potential.
Dr Arnold Mol has broadened my mind as a manager allowing me to look at management in a different way. Very good seminar. Money well spent.
This seminar gives a total shift on leadership as we know it in the workplace, it is results driven. It an help to turn around a business if we apply some/most of the principles that were taught.
I was really pleased to have been a part of this workshop. The ideas and concepts were relevant to my organization and I got tons of examples of that have been applied and proven. Dr. Mol has an exciting and refreshing style of presentation. What makes his style unique is the story telling which he uses very effectively in illustrating the applications presented. Some of these concepts are new but others are represented to effectively promote greater performance and productivity in the workplace. I will recommend it both for middle and top management.
Dr. Arnold Mol really inspired me to evaluate how I performed as a manager. He is engaging, very insightful and his stories made a world of difference in how I will remember the principles taught in this seminar. Thank you Milestone Development for organizing such a successful event.
Amazing style, great delivery of information. An event worth attending.
"Creating Winners in the Workplace" is a thought provoking seminar which forces you to go against traditional beliefs/cultures. Dr. Arnold Mol has definitely brought "life" to concepts of everyday life. I enjoyed that I could identify how I would like to be treated and in turn realize that my subordinates/team members expect the same. This seminar has taught me how to motivate my team without demotivating others. I now know how to create winners and not encourage losers.
Wow! Although some of these applications & concepts seem simple and straight forward. Its amazing the difference when it is presented to you. Arnold (as he would like to be called) has given me a remarkable insight into this method of leadership. Arnold is a remarkable individual & such experience & knowledge is amazing. I will attend any seminars where he is the presenter & I will encourage everyone to own at least one of his books. I intend to collect all.
Success is easy - Just listen to Dr. Arnold Mol.
Dr. Mols wealth of knowledge, experience, layout of presentation, involvement and hands on approach as it related to presenting was one never to be forgotten. His skills as a facilitator exceeded my expectations and everything learned can now be applied.
Thank you for this management style changing opportunity.
I was not so thrilled about this when the day came about. However I would not have missed one minute of this for anything. Arnold is an excellent presenter, even better than "Tom Field". He caught our attention, had a personal touch and gave excellent stories that will enable one to remember the concepts. I was never bored and constantly thinking. This seminar is greatly recommended!!
This seminar has been an eye opener in terms of your tools and resources in the work place and business. No one in business or is a manager should ever miss such seminars.

This is an absolutely essential resource for anyone who has responsibility for managing people. I wish I had been able to take it at the start of my stint as a supervisor. Superb!
The presentation was excellent and the content was spot on. It may be the best management seminar that I have to been to and I have been to quite a lot. The material really challenged traditional approaches in ways with which I totally agree.
I was truly inspired by Dr. Mol's seminar "Creating Winners in the Workplace". It has inspried me to want to do things differently in terms of how I manage. The concepts learned were applicable to other areas apart from work and that I also found to be very inspiring. This was a great session. I would recommend that every manager be exposed to it.
Prior to attending this seminar I did everything in the opposite direction, but this seminar has taught me the right way of managing people.
I consider this seminar a great privilege because had I missed it I would not have gained the knowledge and this new perspective of management. The added bonus of family counselling was superb. Way to go Dr. Mol.
Workshop was very informative, educational, and exciting. The story telling linked right into the information which was presented. I thank you.
Honestly loved this seminar. It will permanently change my managerial style for the rest of my life. I am so excited to implement what I have learned from Dr. Mol. He was excellent at delivering information and very funny which made the course enjoyable and far from boring. Also very much appreciate that Dr. Mol used God's word, the Bible as part of his teaching.
One of the best management seminars I have attended. Interesting and engaging. His ideas are cutting edge and innovative whilst providing a lot of "AHA" moments. A MUST ATTEND!
Excellent well put-together program. Very useful ideas and techniques that can easily be transferred to the workplace. Great stories to relate to theories.
I attended the seminar "Creating Winners in the Workplace" in April 2009 and this was the best two days spent on any seminar. It provided a commonsense approach to managing people, which empowers both the manager and the employee. From the knowledge gained, I have implemented some of the tools which has been extremely enlightening and powerful in its execution. Every manager should have the insight which this seminar provides.
Having participated in Dr. Mol's seminar, I gained invaluable knowledge and foresight which has impacted positively on my professional development. Many of the concepts discussed, I now utilize in my daily management approach towards adding value to Digicel.
Dr. Arnold Mol's materials and workshops are practical, engaging, and right on target. His work has helped me bridge the gap between theory and practice. On completion of the seminar I was able to put into practice his models for rating employee performance and since implementation have seen a vast improvement in my employees. Dr. Mol has truly opened my eyes to a whole new way of managing and my responsibility as a manager. I leave you with his words: "Organizations are only as good as their employees, and their employees are only as good as their managers.".
Success generates success. Arnold Mol's book "Creating Winners in the Workplace" presents the thesis for his inspiring lectures with the same title and focuses on activity measurement as the key to performance enhancement. Dr. Mol understands what motivates people - success - and knows what makes success possible - performing measurable activity. "Creating Winners in the Workplace" is a two-day transformational experience... a must for every aspiring manager.
Before I can speak about the course, I must first speak about the impression which Dr. Mol left behind. Within one hour of the presentation Dr. Mol already knew the names of each person present, and attempted to make verbal contact with them all. He was able at all times throughout the two day session to grab and maintain the attention of the attendees with his real life examples which allowed us to relate to each segment of the course matter. The course itself provided us with information which empowered us with the necessary tools to encourage both the attendees and their reports to excel. I would recommend that all people managers have the privilege of being exposed to Dr. Mol’s tutoring/motivational teaching.
I found this seminar to be extremely benefiting to me not only as a manager, but also as a husband and father. Dr. Moll guides you through your role as a manager with references to his own life experiences. His unique style of including the participants is remarkable. Definitely not a "nod-off-after-lunch" seminar.
Dr. Mol’s workshop was useful, interesting, and most of all practical. I am convinced that everyone who left the room on the second day truly believed that the concepts introduced could be easily implemented in the workplace and could really result in improved motivation. I would highly recommend this workshop for managers across organizations and across various disciplines as well. I’m sure that other HR professionals will also find it just as stimulating.
My two days attending “Creating Winners in the Workplace” and the evening “Teen Talk” with Dr. Mol were both fantastic experiences. Dr. Mol offers a different perspective which is extremely interesting and offers some real live success stories for both the office and home.
Just a short note to let you know how much we all enjoyed Dr. Mol’s seminar on “Creating Winners in the Workplace” All of our 10 Managers and I felt that the program assisted in changing our management styles in a most positive way. We are now leading our teams from the front, rather than pushing them from the back……and the results in the increase in our sales figures tell the story. Most importantly, the seminar resulted in all of us being on the same page. This is most important when managing such a diverse team of individuals.
I found the course very interesting and helpful for me in planning and motivating my staff. I’ve employed versions of his forms in my evaluation and motivation program, and they work quite well. I would recommend any business to attend Dr. Mol’s workshop and practices his theories.
Dr. Arnold Mol’s “Leadership Seminar” was stimulating. His concept of leadership and management is both interesting, revealing and appears to be both practical and realistic in bringing success to any organization. I was able to assimilate much useful information, some of which I have already started to use in my business establishment.
Dr Mol's presentation was nothing short of inspiring. Our group was made up of managers with years of experience directing the activities of major companies here in St Lucia. They can be a tough audience to say the least, but Dr Mol completely captured them with his energy, conviction and the undeniable truth of his message. Terrific! He certainly made me take a new approach on my interaction with those around me in my professional and personal life. His seminar topics are a valuable tool to large or small businesses alike.
Creating Winners in the Workplace was indeed a two day transformational experience! Dr Mol offers a radical, refreshing approach that centers on Motivational Leadership which engages employees by giving them “an experience of success”. This is definitely a programme that should not be missed by any aspiring manager. This was a very practical and timely seminar for the management team of the ECFH group. I would recommend for new and experienced managers who want to sharpen their management acumen.
I felt that Dr. Mol presented concepts that could be applied and practised right away to most work environments. He presented concepts and tools leaders were not only informed about, but coached on how to apply it in both new and existing work environments..... a beneficial and worthwhile seminar.
"I was offered a great opportunity when my boss recommended that I sign up for Dr. Mol’s ‘Creating Winners in the Workplace’ seminar. Interestingly, my colleague and I were to attend the previous year in Barbados, but did not due to circumstances beyond our control. But there’s a phrase in Jamaica that says, “Nothing happens before its time”. Dr. Mol’s presentation was captivating for the two (2) days, and at no time did I notice any body language, which depicted boredom. He had us engaged, and was excellent in getting across the responsibilities and decisions that we must make in our professional as well as personal lives. He offered practical solutions, some of which we have since implemented in our company, and some of which I’ve used for my own personal life. I was really impressed with his level of spirituality and especially in today’s society, his courage in quoting the scriptures in his training. Dr. Mol has an endearing personality yet professional approach, which was both encouraging and empowering. He makes you love learning!"

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Mol as a coach for all aspects of one’s life."

"Thank you Dr. Mol!

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