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“Consultant” Donn Carr

Mr. Carr, Principal Partner of the Carr Management Group, is a well respected authority on the retail industry on store operations, merchandising and customer service. His focus continues to be on outstanding customer service, business development, leadership, shopping center redevelopment, and small retailers who find themselves lost among the giant players of today’s retail arena.

His background encompasses a wide array of upper-level retail and management positions including 20 years as a manager of malls with Simon Property Group, Regional Manager for Banana Republic, Manager for Dillard’s Department Stores as well as an accomplished international men’s wear importer and designer in New York City.

He is an active member of International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) where he serves as a Faculty Member of the International School of Retailing with focus on Latin and Central America. He serves also as a Faculty member of ICSC’s University of Shopping Centers and is frequently invited to be a feature speaker or panelist.

He served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas in Arlington teaching “Principles of Retailing and Business.” as well as a member of the Board of Directors and Faculty of Cedar Valley Community College in Dallas, Texas creating and teaching courses in Customer Service, Leadership Development, and Body Language for six years.

Mr. Carr is an accomplished and much sought after motivational speaker and previous trainer for the Dale Carnegie Institute as well as active member of The National Speaker’s Association as well as monthly columnist for a consumer based publication, speaking out on poor customer service, retail trends and customer buying habits.

Mr. Carr has recently published his first book “While You Were Shopping” and will be available on for purchase.


  • While You Were Shopping



  • Defining Retail Strategy
  • Retail Development
  • Managing A Retail Operation
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Effective Interviewing Skills
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Media Workshop
  • Customer Service
  • Salesmanship
  • Body Language
  • Security


"Magnificent! Customer Service Training for a lifetime in half a day!" Mr. Donn Carr strongly recommended to any business which requires Customer Service Training.
Milestone Development....WOW WOW very educational. With this training you don't get bored because you laugh, have fun and learn. For me personally, it's a dream come true. Where have you been? Milestone Development develops individuals from both a business perspective and also personal. I would recommend to anyone who is interested.
This recession business survival training was extremely informative. I learned so many tools to survive in business retail world. Mr. Carr is truly a professional and I will highly recommend this paramount training to the business community. Time was effectively allocated. The concepts were properly executed and comprehensive. Donn has a great personality.
I think that customer service is key for the development of any business. I think primarily it starts with you. As Mr. Carr mentioned you do business with people and not businesses. Your personality, strong will and mind will certainly transfer from you to your customers. This seminar was great.

I must say that this training has opened my eyes and mind on a lot especially dealing with the day to day customer. My approach towards the customers will definitely change from today. My first words to my co-workers on arrival at work on mornings would be "people do business with people, people DO NOT do business with business."
Found seminar motivational, inspiring me to implement areas of weakness. Happy that I could be a part of this session.
I was very pleased with the seminar this morning. I learned a lot about customer service and hoping to make a great impact when I return to my work place. I also love spending time with Donn Carr. He is a very out going person.
Came in with an open mind and was filled with a whole new world of wonder and common sense. Everything was delivered efficiently and in a language I could actually understand.
I was indeed very pleased to have attended this seminar. It was timely in that I mean I was really demotivated by a lot that was happening around me both at work and in daily interaction with others. Such a seminar will be highly recommended by me to others. It was very interesting and well presented.
I would like to acknowledge Mr. Donn Carr for this positive message he has passed on. This seminar was very informative and I promise to share my experience with others.
This session was eye opening and very informative. it gave a new continuous assessment of customer service
This seminar has really inspired me to become a better sales attendant and also how to treat customers. This seminar has made me take a inner look into my attitude and how to deal with customer. I have learned a lot and will definitely put that into practise.
Coming out of the call center environment I have a clear understanding of time management. Now that I am in the sales environment my take away from this session has definitely reinforced the best practices in time management, as a more practical approach of which will assist me in meeting critical deadlines and other time sensitive tasks.
Donn was an excellent speaker. The time was well worth it. Highly recommend this training
It is evident that Mr. Carr took personal time planning and organizing to put this workshop information together - Time Management. Very thorough and concise and easy to comprehend that even an ill person can manage to keep his/her attention on the alert, not wanting to miss out on anything. As a human resource personnel at the company I am employed at, the issue with time management is very sensitive not just for the staff whom I have to deal with on a daily basis, but the clients and customers who matter. The information Mr. Carr shared was not all new, and it was refreshing gleaning such information as a reminder and one to get me thinking and taking a deeper introspection of my time management on a personal and business level. I was also reminded that I am at an advantage to work alongside my employer who sets high standards, prioritizes and dedication to time management, an extra nudge and push for me to keep up. Thank you Mr. Carr for a very effective peresentation
This is an excellent seminar. Donn is extremely knowledgeable and makes everyone feel comfortable.
Samantha is very pleasant and is ready and willing to provide information when asked.
This course was very timely in reminding me about what really matters in my life; and how precious our time is. The information gained will be a guide both professionally and personally
I am very inspired by this training, it was an eye opener for me - the session was very informative and I learned how to manage my time and how to prioritize my many tasks on a daily basis. I like the clarity and method in the way Mr. Carr presented his ideas and strategies. It was training with a difference and very effective
Inspiring, relevant and simple
“Excellent delivery!

Obviously Donn Carr seeks to reach all in the room with his eloquence and broad range of examples when hosting a seminar. He is able to convince all that they have a role to play in demonstrating the exercises put forward.

Especially helpful was the amount of time he spent on analyzing body language; a crucial element in the search for our most valuable asset.”
“Donn is a detail-oriented professional with great ability to understand and generate very good solutions for malls of different formats. His knowledge and vision will grow your business and save you money.”
“Donn Carr is without question one of the most motivational and knowledgeable professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. He has literally educated a new generation of retail real estate professionals all over the world and left an unmistakable impression on their careers.”
“Donn is the ultimate professional. Clearly, THE BEST public speaker I’ve heard!”
“Donn has the ability to grab an audience right from the start. His seemingly endless energy electrifies an audience. He has the ability to take complex business situations and break them down into common sense solutions. No wonder he has an international following wherever he goes. Small wonder he is our most requested instructor.”

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