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Angie Montoute

Angie Montoute is a television presenting consultant, motivational speaker, radio show personality and Life Coach.

This jet setting entrepreneur has travelled to different continents in her quest to explore the multi-faceted nature of relationships and the art of communication, in search of the answers to all the questions one has on relationships, goals and happiness.  As a counsellor, Ms. Montoute has changed many lives in St. Lucia and in London, England.  Her ability to motivate people to discover and develop their inner strength is inspiring as many women and men are empowered after one of her sessions.

Angie presents a wide range of relevant seminars that are inspiring and give the audience a fresh perspective on her topics:

  • The Art of Communication
  • Do you have Emotional Intelligence
  • The Art of Intimacy
  • Living in the Now
  • Learning to Love and Respect Yourself
  • Gratitude and Smile Therapy
  • Emotional and Physical Boundaries
  • What is an Independent Woman
  • Sisterhood
  • Raising children as a single woman
  • Problems, challenges and opportunities
  • Are your values and beliefs holding you back
  • Your Actions create your Results
  • Poverty and financial freedom is a state of mind
  • Taking Responsibility
  • How do we create change in our lives
  • It is your choices which creates your life
  • Success takes change
  • Addiction
  • Life’s journey
  • The effects of undermining and negative behaviours
  • The art of vulnerability, strength and courage
  • How can we create more happiness in our lives
  • The impact of love, attention and discipline on our children
  • Television, video games and the Internet,  Are they the new baby sitters of our children?


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