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Saying Good-Bye to an Inspirational Show -The Oprah Show

After watching the last 2 days of a living legend being honoured for the past 25 years of her inspiring and motivating television show “THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW“, it astounds me how one person can make such a difference around the world.  This proves the theory that change starts with one person. One person’s positive energy, strength, persistence, drive and love have helped the world to become a better place.

A Chicago stadium built by Michael Jordan to hold NBA games, was filled with record numbers of people to say farewell to a remarkable and powerful woman, Oprah.  This was similar to an awards show with the difference being only one honouree.  Many many celebrities performed and spoke, all to honour her and celebrate the tremendous difference she has made in people’s lives.

Oprah has been in our living rooms everyday for the past 25 years and tomorrow will be the final Oprah Winfrey Show. It will be missed as each show came with a message, teaching, or advice, that viewers could use to shape their lives. Oprah inspired a nation to start reading again with her Book Club. She has been instrumental in changing people’s lives.  For those that helped others she rewarded them, for those that needed help, she  created the avenues for them to help themselves.  She is a unique individual with a gift to create positive change.

Education is her stongest  conviction.  Her Girls school in Africa is testament to her strong belief of the importance of an education. Having an education frees you, gives you power and is the foundation for success.

The show will be missed by many as every woman can identify with her in some capacity, however true to form, she continues to push forward in her journey by creating her own network television station OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).  Oprah’s purpose on this planet is to educate and inspire and after watching her for 25 years know that OWN will be a tremendous success and inspiration to all.

written by Lisa Charles

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