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Roses Stink!


Yesterday I was reminded how short life is and in an instant your life can change for the better or worse.  Every single day we need to be grateful for the wonderful things in our life and trust me if you start to make a list, your numbers will run off the page. Many times the only time we stop to appreciate all the good in our lives is when bad things happen to other people.  All of a sudden we start to count our blessings. Unfortunately when the shock, novelty, pain and hurt subside we go straight back to that negative place of being unappreciative.

During my 40 day Course in miracles I was asked to write down everything I was grateful for that day.  I filled 2 pages easily, and could have gone on and on.  In our world we are trained to see the negative side of most things and it takes real work and brain control to see the positive in others and in our experiences both good and bad. Seeing the positive side of things and being grateful and appreciative for the good in your life forces you to live in a peaceful and happy world.  And guess what… seeing the negative side in people and experiences will only keep you in a miserable and unhappy space.

Today at this very moment I am most grateful for my 2 boys that I love so deeply.  Without them I would not be the woman I am today.  There are so many other things I am grateful for and will continue to feed myself with my amazing blessings. Today I am going to stop and smell the wonderful aroma of those beautiful roses and not pass them by thinking that they stink!

Written by Lisa Charles


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