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We have a successful track record of producing and hosting quality seminars and workshops.

Each of our seminars has been with one goal in mind; to motivate individuals to empower themselves.  We have produced and hosted leadership seminars that empower and motivate managers and executive staff members, Teen & Parenting Talks to empower parents, teenagers and children to learn to coexist peacefully, Showed retail owners and managers how to revamp their retail operation, Used the FISH Philosophy to present effective customer service seminars, Demonstrated the importance of reading body language when Finding the Right Employee and Inspired women with a powerful day of motivational speeches from strong women who have overcome many obstacles.

Please browse through our list of seminars below to give you an idea of how we are discovering the potential within.

Past Events

  • Caribbean Corporate Governance – Excelling Beyond the Basics

    Date: Sunday June 29, 2014

    Venue: Coco Palm Conference Center

  • St. Lucia Health & Wellness Retreat 2013

    Date: Friday November 01, 2013

    Venue: Pigeon Island National Landmark

    Join us at St. Lucia’s Health & Wellness Retreat where you can reconnect with the one that matters most YOU Enjoy Yoga, nutrition and weight loss seminars, fitness training, general wellness and spiritual awakening taught by foremost experts in a...
  • Board Governance Training with Dr. Chris Bart

    Date: Tuesday September 17, 2013

    Venue: Royal by Rex Resorts conference centre

    SPEND A DAY WITH THE AWARD WINNING DR. CHRIS BART Dr. Bart will give you the tools to strengthen your Board of Directors & ultimately be a successful board member. Being a member of any Board of Directors is a...
  • Recession Business Survival Training

    Date: Tuesday June 25, 2013

    Venue: Coco Kreole Conference Center, St. Lucia

    TUESDAY- CUSTOMER SERVICE Morning Session: $395.00EC “Hello! Could I get a little help here?” Customer Service in today’s hurried world – It’s not what you think it is! The rules and the expectations have all changed as a result of the instant gratification...
  • Fighting properly with your Spouse

    Date: Thursday April 25, 2013

    Venue: Coco palm Conference Center

    Fighting dirty leads to the end of your relationship. Almost every couple marries with the resolve that: ours will Be different. They are determined to avoid the pitfalls and problems that they see in other marriages…. but sooner or later every...
  • Coping with Teenagers

    Date: Monday April 22, 2013

    Venue: Coco palm Conference Center

    Can you survive the teenage years? Parent’s nerves can run ragged by their children.  Disobedience, back-chatting, cheekiness, negative attitude and more, all take a heavy toll on parent’s emotions. PARENTS AND TEENAGERS CAN SURVIVE!   Does Your Teenager: Question your values?...
  • Optimal Wellness In Paradise

    Date: Friday October 05, 2012

    Venue: Pigeon Island National Landmark, St. Lucia

    St. Lucia’s 2nd Annual Health & Wellness Retreat provided their guests with a treat when they introduced Dr. Stephen Brewer for the second year in a row to present his Optimal Wellness in Paradise seminar. This was an extremely informative...
  • Creating Winners in the Workplace 2012

    Date: Monday October 08, 2012

    Venue: Coco Kreole Conference Center, St. Lucia

    This seminar was dynamic and engaging.  It kept the participants wanting more of Dr. Mol and his brilliant methods of providing managers with new tools in which to manage their staff...
  • St. Lucia’s Health & Wellness Retreat 2011

    Date: Thursday November 17, 2011

    Venue: Soufriere St. Lucia at participating hotels

    The Soufriere Foundation, in collaboration with the St. Lucia Tourist Board and other tourism partners, including local hoteliers, hosted the inaugural Health and Wellness Retreat in Soufriere, the EDEN OF THE CARIBBEAN. Milestone Development was proud to be the company of choice to...
  • Visual Merchandising / Displays

    Date: Thursday March 10, 2011

    Venue: Royal by Rex Resorts, St. Lucia

    Visual Merchandising/Displays is the key ingredient to a successful retail store. Attracting customers is hard enough in today’s tough retail marketplace. Engaging shoppers & enticing them to stay & shop in your store is an even bigger challenge. As promised the seminar delivered...
  • Is Your Attitude Showing? “ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS!”

    Date: Tuesday March 8, 2011

    Venue: Royal by Rex Resorts, St. Lucia

    Positive Attitudes Begin with YOU! The 4-hour session focused on how each manager’s personal attitudes, either positively or negatively, impact the attitudes of co-workers; leadership skills; staying motivated in a negative world; secrets to a happy and productive life; how...
  • Women’s Empowerment Symposium

    Date: Saturday June 05, 2010

    Venue: Sandals Grande Hotel and Spa, Pigeon Island, St. Lucia

    This power packed day of motivational speakers was the first of its kind for St. Lucian women.  It was a day of inspiration and enlightenment for all attendees.  The keynote speaker was television personality Star Jones, former Miss Universe Wendy...
  • Retail Revisited, Revamped & Renewed

    Date: Tuesday April 27, 2010

    Venue: Royal by Rex Resorts, St. Lucia

    Donn Carr was extremely motivating and dynamic; his antics had the attendees laughing, engaged and tuned in throughout the day.  The seminar gave participants useful information and online resources for marketing, customer service and visual merchandising.  It was clear that...
  • Finding the Right Employee

    Date: Wednesday September 15, 2010

    Venue: Royal by Rex Resorts, St. Lucia

    This groundbreaking workshop gave valuable information to the participant in terms of finding the right employee. A number of issues were explored; the changed and changing world of the workforce today, what the challenges are, what we want and why...
  • Creating Winners in the Work Place 2009

    Date: Monday November 02, 2009

    Venue: Palm Haven Hotel, Rodney Bay

    Seminar Dates: June 2007, October 2007, January 2008, June 2008, November 2009 Location: St. Lucia, West Indies Seminar Date: April 2009 Location: Jamaica Description: Creating Winners in the Workplace is a dynamic 2-Day leadership workshop designed to teach executive management how to motivate their...
  • FISH Philosophy!

    Date: Saturday June 28, 2008

    Venue: Royal by Rex Resorts, St. Lucia

    Deena Ebbert’s seminars are always full of action and enthusiasm.  Through the FISH Philosophy she explored the unlimited potential within the participants.  She demonstrated the synergies that come from commitment and the power in personal accountability.  Her passion, curiosity, and...
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It is indeed always a pleasure working with Lisa and the Milestone Development Team. The professionalism and reliability of her team, is unsurpassed. Definitely looking forward to the continuation of a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Would highly recommend Lisa and support her in whatever capacity and new venture she takes on! Keep up the great work!
Lianna Venturi

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