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Message to Fathers


It takes a real man to be there for his kids; make sure they are loved, happy, clothed, fed, well educated, respectful to adults particularly their mother, show them how to be treated by a man if they are girls and show them how to treat women if they are boys, help them to develop self-confidence, teach them to have faith in a higher power, teach them how to give back, teach them how to love and forgive, teach them how to be strong in times of turbulence, teach them about money and the real meaning of success and most importantly to listen to their issues and challenges and be there to help them through this thing we call life!

Being a father is no small feat and is the biggest position you will have in life, so make it count, and pass on greatness to your children but most importantly BE THERE!

Wishing all the fathers a wonderful day and the mothers who are acting as both mom and dad!

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