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Learn the Lesson the First Time

How many times have you been placed in the same situation repeatedly?  Have you ever asked yourself “Why am I here again?” The same experience although a different time, different circumstance, different person, however the experience was similar to something you had already gone through, almost identical.

Each experience in our life is meant to teach us something.  Sometimes we are purposely put in specific situations to grow and learn a lesson.  If we fail to learn the lesson, we will continue to attract that same situation/circumstance until we get the message.

Life is about growth and becoming a better person through a series of lessons and experiences.  Growth happens when we are tested and pass the test.  If we fail the test our subconscious automatically tells us that we need to master this lesson and therefore we attract similar situations that will put us through the same test.

This is where our inner strength is exercised and built.  Once we learn the lesson from our experience, we have grown and are then able to move on to the next lesson in our life.  We are stronger, wiser and mentally healthier.

Be Conscious in every experience and Learn the lesson the first time around!

Written by Lisa Charles


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