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Exploring Visual Merchandising

This past Thursday March 11th, 2011 retailers of all walks of life & merchandisers attended Milestone Development’s Visual Merchandising seminar. As billed, this was a fast paced look at the visual components that make up a successful business, many of them critical yet so subliminal that we simply fail to see them. The program was led by Donn Carr, President and Principal of The Carr Management Group, an international authority on retail and visual merchandising. He led the group with the very first impressions or Touch Points as he refers to them and their importance in the customer’s decision to even enter your store, through the shopping experience, leaving not a detail untouched to the final exit of the customer. We got to really see what the total experience should look like as well as what it should NOT look like.

This was truly a seminar of sight and sound, as we explored lighting, creation of a store name, the store’s logo, the importance of branding, how to set up a floor to make it enticing and easy to shop for the customer and then gave vivid example of how NOT to do it with a slide show from all over the world. We had to stop and ask ourselves sometimes if one of those bad photos couldn’t have just as easily come from our own store. He really hit home and made us stop and think and go back to our stores and re-evaluate ourselves and begin the process of taking these winning tips and making them our own.

If this weren’t enough, he spent time on the managers, the expectations of the sales teams and how to motivate them and how to hold them accountable so they are properly representing our businesses when we are not there and promoting our brand properly. This was truly a powerful and comprehensive seminar that could easily have lasted three days.



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