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Recession Business Survival Training


Morning Session: $395.00EC

“Hello! Could I get a little help here?”

Customer Service in today’s hurried world – It’s not what you think it is! The rules and the expectations have all changed as a result of the instant gratification world we now live in. If you are doing it like you did in the past – you may have already lost.  Join us for this session on customer service excellence.

Afternoon Session: $395.00EC

“Excuse me, your attitude is showing!”

A fast paced, hard hitting, “in your face” look at attitudes, and how they impact others, make or break your business and either empower or destroy
your teams. You’ll learn how to always be in control of your attitude and how to bring out the best in others.


Morning Session: $395.00EC

TEOTRWAWKI (The End of the Retail World As We Know It)

A look at the way customers shop, the impact of social media on your business, dynamic change in customer’s demands including how and why they shop in today’s market – and what to do about it.

Afternoon Session: $395.00EC 

“Get Outta Here”

Today’s demanding customer can be more elusive and demanding than ever in retail history. How do you deal with the difficult or angry customer and still
maintain your image as a great place to shop? How do you convert the “Just looking” customer into a paying customer – who not only returns regularly,
but tells others to shop with you?


Morning Session: $395.00EC

“But You Don’t Understand - I Don’t Have Time!”

You’ve heard this said before (maybe from your own lips), it never is true. Do you find yourself always late for meetings, late getting reports in or critical emails answered? Do you find yourself waiting until the last minute to do a project only to find that when you rush to do it, it really isn’t your best work? Don’t feel alone. The ability to successfully juggle all of today’s demand for instant results can be paralyzing. It doesn’t have to be that way. If I’m talking to you, you want to be here.

Afternoon Session: $395.00EC

“What Do You Mean by That?”

Of all of the skills necessary to succeed today, none is more important than the ability to communicate clearly, concisely and consistently. Your voice tone
often conflicts with your words, your eye movement may say you are not confident or disbelieving and your arms… well, that is another story altogether. This is a powerful participation workshop for all managers, customer service personnel and anyone who works with humans. You will learn the basics of effective listening, body language, voice tone and presentation to others consistent with the issue at hand. Seating will be limited to a first come, first serve basis for this class.

Discount Packages available for 2 & 3 full days – Call 758-451-2500 to inquire


  • Date:
    Tuesday June 25, 2013
  • Duration:
    3 days
  • Venue:
    Coco Kreole Conference Center, St. Lucia

“Consultant” Donn Carr

Donn Carr
Mr. Carr, Principal Partner of the Carr Management Group, is a well respected authority on the retail industry on store operations, merchandising and customer service. His focus continues to be on outstanding customer service, business development, leadership, shopping center redevelopment...

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