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Is Your Attitude Showing? “ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS!”

Positive Attitudes Begin with YOU!

The 4-hour session focused on how each manager’s personal attitudes, either positively or negatively, impact the attitudes of co-workers; leadership skills; staying motivated in a negative world; secrets to a happy and productive life; how each employee contributes to their company’s success, and developing and nurturing a positive environment.

As a workplace consultant, Mr. Carr said, “The fact is, however positive (or negative) we are, we need a reminder every now and then about how much better life is when we are positive. A good mental outlook in the workplace is contagious. One by one it can spread throughout the office or shop…soon everyone is happy and the big plus, business is picking up!”

  • Date:
    Tuesday March 8, 2011
  • Venue:
    Royal by Rex Resorts, St. Lucia

“Consultant” Donn Carr

Donn Carr
Mr. Carr, Principal Partner of the Carr Management Group, is a well respected authority on the retail industry on store operations, merchandising and customer service. His focus continues to be on outstanding customer service, business development, leadership, shopping center redevelopment...

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