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FISH Philosophy!

Deena Ebbert’s seminars are always full of action and enthusiasm.  Through the FISH Philosophy she explored the unlimited potential within the participants.  She demonstrated the synergies that come from commitment and the power in personal accountability.  Her passion, curiosity, and optimism helped each attendee recognize new possibilities in their work.


  • Date:
    Saturday June 28, 2008
  • Venue:
    Royal by Rex Resorts, St. Lucia

“Propellergirl” Deena Ebbert

Motivational Speaker Deena Ebbert
A natural leader, Deena spent 15 years in Corporate America, sought after by heads of industry in times of turbulence and change to envision and influence thriving business cultures. From innovative high-technology start-ups to Fortune 500 powerhouses, Deena built a reputation orchestrating winning...

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