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Creating Winners in the Workplace – An eye opener

This past week we wrapped Dr. Arnold Mol’s dynamic seminar for business leaders in St. Lucia.  This powerful, cutting edge leadership program provided managers with unique and unconventional methods in which to lead and manage their staff.

Dr. Mol had a unique and effective manner in getting his message across to his participants combining family life, God’s word, self image, relationships and encompassing all aspects of one’s life which made it easy to grasp his unconventional method of management.  From the first hour Dr. Mol had participants take a long look at their management style while explaining the various types of management, and the only method that is truly effective in  producing the results we all want from our staff.

“This seminar has been an eye opener in terms of tools and resources in the workplace and business.  No one in business or who is a manager should ever miss such a seminar. THANK YOU SO MUCH.” Quoted by Lyton Lamontagne, Managing Director of Erroline Foods Co. Ltd.

The seminar inspired many of the attendees that they were motivated to write testimonials on how the seminar provided them with more tools in which to better manage their staff.  More testimonials can be seen on the website at

With numerous requests for his return, Dr. Mol will return to St. Lucia in January 2013 to present the leadership seminar once again and also two inspiring talks, one on Coping With Teens and the second Fighting Fair In Your Relationship.

Written by Lisa Charles


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