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Christmas is not cancelled

With the American Thanksgiving weekend behind us and the official launch of the Christmas season in the United States, many have their minds on Christmas.  ”What gifts must I purchase for family members? Who am I giving gifts this year? Who is giving me gifts this year? What do I want? What food do I need to buy for Christmas? Where will I get a ham? How am I going to decorate the tree and house this year? Where will I buy decorations?  Can I afford all of this?”  And so on and so on and so on……

After having the pleasure of my family join me to decorate my Christmas tree and recently spending time reconnecting with cousins and close friends abroad, I find myself thinking how unimportant material things are in life.  Yes I love my new ipad and iphone however these are just material possessions that don’t really matter.  An ipad or iphone cannot give the same joy I felt while watching my sister’s family and mine come together to celebrate a part of Christmas; decorating the tree.  These are the real joys of life!

The long lineups outside the superstores such as Best Buy for Black Friday attract hundreds simply to get a good deal on an electrical item or game etc.  It amazes me how much our society has become driven by money and possessions.  We live in a world of “the more I have the more I want”. Shopping is the core of North American culture. While there is nothing wrong with shopping, many have lost their way in terms of recognizing what really counts in life.  Sure we all want the big house, the fancy car, the latest gadgets etc however what can these items really do for you?  You may like the look of your house and love the way your car drives and yes they may give you temporary pleasure, but “things” cannot care for you, “things” cannot make you a better person, “things” cannot help you when you are down, “things” cannot help you in a tough situation, “things” cannot take care of you when you are sick, “things” cannot make you feel proud.  In a nutshell “things” cannot give us what we really need in life to survive…LOVE!

As I read over my children’s wish list for Christmas and shriek at the items they now want as teenagers, gone are the days of cheap toys and inexpensive items to appease them.  It is not an easy task to teach children how to NOT want more  and appreciate what they are already blessed with.   This is the world we live in and they are growing up experiencing this need for more things.  Many adults do not know how to appreciate what they already have. I have heard some say this year that they wish Christmas was cancelled as they cannot afford many of the things they were used too in the past to make Christmas special. This is where we have lost our way.  Christmas is not about money, possessions or gifts. Christmas can always be special and meaningful if you are surrounded by the ones that you love, get a little creative and think outside the box.

It is during these tough financial times that we should use the opportunity to show our children what really matters in life and how unimportant it is to have the latest gadget, fanciest car, or biggest house.  Point out the good in their life and teach them to count their blessings.

It is not what is in your life but rather who is in your life!

Merry Christmas to all!


Written by Lisa Charles 

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