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Afraid to be ME

There has never been one like me before and there will never be one like me again”  

What a simple statement but yet so profound.  Think of what a unique human being each of us is. Individually we each have special talents, gifts, strengths and weaknesses.  The entire combination is what makes us special and unique as a person.

We all tend to promote the best part of ourselves, the glowing talents and gifts and of course the strengths.  We leave out some of what we consider the ugly or dark sides of ourselves as we may feel embarrassed, ashamed, weak  or less than perfect.  People tend to cover up or deny some of the more popular negative sides to themselves such as; selfishness, jealousy, being unreliable, conceited, arrogant, dishonest, greedy, rude, angry, insecure, just to name a few.  

While any of these personality traits may not be something to shout about or promote, at no time should we deny that any of our negative traits are part of character.  It is what makes us unique individuals. How can we truly be our authentic selves if we pretend to be something or someone we are not?  Are you afraid to be YOU good and bad? Just as you embrace the talents, gifts and positive sides of yourself, you should also embrace the negative aspects of your personality.  This does not mean one should accept the negative  traits without attempting to improve to become a better person, however denying those traits will only lead to never really knowing or experiencing who you really are.

We are here on earth to learn and grow.  If we were all perfect there would be no room for growth.  Don’t let the judgement of others keep you in fear of who you truly are.  We all come with a basket of flaws and no one person is flawless.

Accept, Love and Embrace yourself for all the good, bad and the ugly!

Written by Lisa Charles

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