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About us

Creating Milestones in your life through our inspiring events; Milestone Development is a seminar production company with a vision for self empowerment that seeks to discover the strength and power within each individual through corporate training and personal development.

We specialize in the provision of services and products that are geared towards the development of individuals from both a business and personal perspective. We provide our clients with the tools required to achieve their greatest potential whether it be in their career, family life, spiritual or self-development.

We align ourselves with Speakers, programs, and products that will expand an individual’s skill set and inspire them to be the best that they can be. We have developed a reputation for quality events, professionalism and impeccable organization. Milestone Development is not just another event production company, but a unique journey of experiential and inspiring events that allows one to discover the power within themselves.

What we do

Milestone Development is a company that seeks to touch on all aspects of self development through various types of training, that will inevitably release the power within each of us.  Empowering individuals to better themselves and become the best they can be is the company’s main focus through hosting and coordinating powerful & many times life altering seminars, workshops, motivational symposiums and talks.

The launch of the company’s activities was in June 2007 where, in St. Lucia, we hosted a 2-day leadership workshop for leading businesses entitled “Creating Winners in the Workplace”. The workshop was presented by Management Consultant & Counselor, Dr. Arnold Mol from South Africa.

The success of that launch led to numerous requests for his return which the company effected in October 2007, January & June 2008, April 2009 in Kingston Jamaica and once again in November 2009 in St. Lucia.

Speakers, Trainers and Consultants

Dynamic and full of enthusiasm defines our renowned group of experts spanning the globe from South Africa, England to the United States of America. Milestone Development/Life Events aligns itself with vibrant and energetic speakers that offer, in many instance life altering programs and presentations. They cover topics that will improve the way we do business and relate to co-workers, family, friends.

Our expert speakers are carefully selected prior to engaging with our clientele. You will find all of these qualities with each of them:

  • Currently practising their speciality
  • Engaging
  • Relevant
  • Solution focussed
  • Dynamic
  • Spiced with humour
  • Committed to providing you the tools to achieve results

Management Profile

Lisa Charles - Managing Director of Milestone Development
Lisa Charles is the Founder and Managing Director of Milestone Development Limited and has many years of experience in an executive management capacity with proven success in her areas of interest. With her wealth of management experience she recognized the...

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