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48 Local business leader get attitude adjustment!

A Successful and Fulfilled Life Begins in the Mind

Some people are born with a constantly positive outlook on life, but most of us need to work on it. Such was the case for 48 professionals who elected to confront their destinies on Tuesday by attending Milestone Development’s “Attitudes Are Contagious” seminar conducted by international motivational speaker, Donn Carr.

The 4-hour session focused on how each manager’s personal attitudes, either positively or negatively, impact the attitudes of co-workers; leadership skills; staying motivated in a negative world; secrets to a happy and productive life; how each employee contributes to their company’s success, and developing and nurturing a positive environment.

As a workplace consultant, Mr. Carr said, “The fact is, however positive (or negative) we are, we need a reminder every now and then about how much better life is when we are positive. A good mental outlook in the workplace is contagious. One by one it can spread throughout the office or shop…soon everyone is happy and the big plus, business is picking up. 

Gina O’ Brian, a Senior Supervisor of Loans for the Bank of St. Lucia, and conference participant, said, “Supervising people includes motivation. This meeting is giving me tips on sharing a positive outlook with my colleagues. When we have a positive outlook, it impacts our customers; which the key to our business!”

Liz Richard-Altifois, teacher at The Montessori Centre, said, “I was very impressed with Mr. Carr’s ability to deliver so much information in such a short amount of time and with the level of expertise which he did so. Added to that, I thought that the seminar was well organized and I feel privileged to have been a part of it.”

Upon leaving comments heard from the participants included: “I can’t wait to get back to my store and share with the team.”; “Interesting and stimulating session.”; “I really understand where I was going wrong with my staff.”; and “Excellent delivery. Very inspiring.”

Written by Chris Repass

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