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2012 Sucked

As I look back on 2012 and read over the list of resolutions I always make on December 31, I realize that I accomplished far more than I expected to achieve.  What an amazing and gratifying feeling of success.

While this past year may not have been the best year in terms of finances (as I am sure many of you may agree), my accomplishments were based primarily on bettering myself. I met many people along the 2012 path that helped me to grow as a person.  They say that every person that comes into your life is for a reason.  Well I believe that, as each new person or situation I encountered along the 2012 journey taught me something valuable about myself or life in general.

We have to remember the real reason we are all here on earth….and it is to learn, learn as much as we can about life, love and ourselves.  I have heard too many people say that they cannot wait for 2012 to be over as it sucked.  If we look at what the average person would consider as a year that sucked it would more than likely entail, a rocky relationship, break ups, loss of a job, unhappy in their current job, loss of a friend or loved one, the many stresses of children of all ages, not being able to achieve the financial success they set out to at the beginning of the year, tough financial issues, tough economic times, failed weight loss and the list can go on and on….

These are all external factors that we deal with everyday in order to grow and become stronger people. If you learned your true inner strength due to a break up or tough personal financial issues, If you learned to be more creative through tough economic times, If you learned more about yourself due to a rocky relationship, If you learned to be humble because of the loss of a job, If you learned to love more because of the loss of a friend or family member, If you learned to give more because of tough financial times, If you learned patience, understanding and tolerance due to an unhappy work situation or the stresses of children, If you learned that everything you need in this world is within you, then you gained far more than money or material possessions can ever give you.  2012 did not suck.  If there was any form of growth that moved you to a higher place, then the year was a success by all standards.  Getting to know yourself and becoming a better person is and will always be considered the road to real success.  It really is ones perspective and what they value as true success!

I want to wish all of you an amazing 2013.  We never stay in the same space as we are always learning and growing.  As a result of this, 2013 will be powerful and by all accounts successful.  May your dreams come true and above all else may you find true happiness.

Happy New Year!

Written by Lisa Charles


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